Chief Executive

Sheila Scott (Co-Founder)

Sheila Scott, a single mother of 5, was educated, raised her children and has lived in Islington all her adult life. She co-founded Shelter from the Storm after a life working in education, childcare, and project management – as well as years of service to the community as a church warden and pastoral assistant. She is the shelter’s CEO and one of only three paid employees, working directly, and on a daily basis, with guests, volunteers, trustees and sponsors. The breadth of her experience comes in handy in a job as unpredictable as maintaining the shelter; her role entails everything from representing the shelter in television interviews to representing guests as they petition for asylum, from long-range development strategizing to ad hoc plumbing.

General Manager

Matt Conlon

General Manager Matt Conlon first visited Shelter from the Storm in January 2011. Unfulfilled by a maths degree and desk job, he was looking for occasional voluntary work, but found himself spending more and more time at the shelter: regular weekly shifts, then night shifts, eventually training as a shift leader and assisting Sheila Scott in managerial responsibilities. Matt soon decided to officially enter the care sector, working with the homeless and substance-dependent at several homeless charities while continuing to volunteer at the shelter. In the General Manager position, Matt had the perfect opportunity to return to the community that first inspired him; in addition to working alongside Sheila in all of her responsibilities as CEO, he handles case management and coordinates the vast range of services available to the shelter’s guests.

Senior Caseworker

Cookie Sami

Cookie’s passion and expertise lies with working with young people. She is a highly skilled motivator; her unwavering support and determination as well as her focus on every person’s strengths rather than weakness are a vital factor in helping our guests rebuild lost confidence, find employment and begin to live independently and successfully.


Matthew Clark

Kris Sparks

Megan Clinch

Louisa Newby

Stephen Fixman

Francine Sumners