If you are homeless or know someone who is homeless you can contact the Council or contact Streetlink to find help. We are unable to accept requests for shelter or support from private individuals.

Our referrals are not restricted to any particular boroughs, locations or organisations. However, we do not accept self referrals or referrals by members of the public on behalf of friends, family etc.

Before making referrals it is important to explain how we work to the client. We are an emergency night shelter, we are able to offer only very basic facilities. We have two male dorms each with 12 beds and one female dorm with 12 beds. All of our beds are bunk beds meaning that your client may be placed in a top bunk. Please could you make it clear in the referral if this is not possible.

We open up every day at 6pm and ask all of our guests to be in the shelter by 7.30pm each day, unless they have prior arrangements such as work, meetings etc.

We close every morning at 8am, at which point all guests must leave the shelter. During the daytime the shelter is closed.

Please make it clear to your clients that we’re closed during the day and that we do not have private rooms, so guests must be prepared for that.   

To make a referral please complete and return our referral form to We are only able to accept clients that are low risk.

Download our referral form here: Referral Form September 2020

Please note: due to the volume of referrals that we receive we do not respond to all referrals. We will respond if we are able to offer your client a bed space. We do not operate a waiting list.


If you are homeless or know someone who is homeless you can contact the Council or use this link  Streetlink to find help.