Meet Tigggy our wonderful ESOL teacher

We offer one – one English classes to all our guests who need them.

Guests have a mixed experience of education in their home countries; some are university educated, others have never been to school and have no literacy skills in their first language.

English classes improve the wellbeing of guests in a number of ways. They combat isolation and provide a distraction from what guests are going through. They provide a sense of achievement and purpose. Improved English helps guests to function better and to rebuild their lives. With a decent level of English guests can communicate more effectively with services and take a more active part in decision making that affects them. They can find a greater level of independence, both financially and socially. They can find work, make friends and engage with community more easily.

With cuts to the provision of adult education, we provide one of the few services our guests can access. We believe that by supporting guests to improve their communication skills we will not only enhance their wellbeing but:

  • Maximise their chances of finding meaningful employment 
  • Improve access to volunteering opportunities for those not yet ready for or able to work
  • Create meaningful relationships, prevent isolation and help them integrate into society