meet a guest Stella

My name is Stella and I’m 18. I was the Primary Carer for a family member, but I suffered abuse and it became impossible for me to stay in my home. I slept on the streets for a few weeks until I got a place at SFTS. I actually coped OK – Buses are warmer than you’d think! I’m studying independently for my A’ levels – I love learning, I want to do Philosophy, Politics and Economics at University and I’ve applied in the USA and in UK.

I’m estranged from my family, but I still see my younger siblings. It’s been a life saver staying at the shelter, it’s given me the chance to continue my studies. I also have apart time job tutoring to year 6 and 7s in Maths and volunteer a charity for the elderly.

I like it at the shelter and I feel safe and happy here. Life feels at last as if there are some possibilities.