meet a volunteer Liv

We depend on our wonderful volunteers to deliver a holistic wrap around service to our guests. Our volunteers enable our staff to concentrate on case work and helping our guests move on and up and achieve great outcomes.

I’ve been volunteering here for 6-7 years now. I come most Mondays for a few hours and it’s been an easy way to feel like I’m starting the week on a good note and I find it fits easily into my regular routine.  

Recently I went on a six-month sabbatical and it was lovely to come back to the shelter, I feel like part of the family here.

I do a mix of things when I’m at the shelter. Sitting on the desk and greeting guests when they come in, washing and folding laundry – I can be a decent souz-chef or get on the washing up. A couple of times a year, I’ve organised creative evenings with my work colleagues. We’ve done screen-printing, painting Christmas baubles or still-life drawing.  It’s not for everybody but we’ll normally get a few really enthusiastic people and some others that are surprised how much they enjoy it.  I also love games so I’ve been taught new card games by the guests here and lost at chess too many times. 

A lot of people are tired after work and happy to watch TV but I like to chat with a few guests each evening and learn about their hobbies and interests. There are so many interesting people at the shelter with different passions and backgrounds, I’ve learnt a lot!