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Shelter from the Storm was founded in Islington in 2007 by Sheila Scott and Louie Salvoni to provide shelter and support for the homeless and dispossessed from anywhere. We’d both raised and educated our families in Islington but were shocked that in this seemingly prosperous borough we were virtually walking over rough sleepers to get to the supermarket, they were sleeping in doorways and the beautiful Georgian Squares. Shelter from the Storm is our response to some of the most marginalised people in our society who are living literally on our doorstep. We started with one night in a church hall,  now our shelter operates every night of the year, completely free to guests.

Mission Statement and Vision

Our mission is to house and support the homeless in London whoever they are, wherever they come from. Our vision is of a society where charities like Shelter from the Storm are no longer necessary.

Core Values

To achieve our mission and realise our vision all our activities are underpinned by the following values:

A commitment to respond to the specific needs of our guests no matter how complex. We do not shy away from difficult cases that require extra perseverance, understanding and care.

To work with each guests as an individual, supporting them to set achievable and realistic goals that will enable them to work towards a safe, sustainable and happy future.

To help our guests to realise the value of their labour and the contribution they can make to building a better society for all.

To foster and grow a community of guests and volunteers built on a commitment to care, understanding and mutual respect. Shelter from the Storm is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of it’s guests, staff and volunteers.

Understand that tackling homelessness requires a grasp of complex problems and ‘wrap around’ solutions that must address the practical, emotional and social challenges that our guests face.

The mission, vision and values of Shelter from the Storm have been consolidated into the following objectives:

Housing: develop and deliver a range of innovative housing solutions including our own ‘Move on Up’ transitional accommodation.

Employment and training: to develop and build relationships with corporate partners and  third sector organisations to offer more work opportunities for our guests.

Health and wellbeing: to ensure each person in our shelter receives the best possible wraparound care and support tailored to their own particular needs.

Campaigning: raise awareness and explain issues of homelessness and also to influence public policy.

Volunteering: building and supporting the local community through the creation of wide ranging and accessible volunteering opportunities.

Sustainability: ensure the future of SFTS as an emergency night shelter in Central London by obtaining our own permanent premises.

Fundraising: raise funds to support our existing work and plans for the future.


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Impact assessment

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