testimony from Nicolette

Testimony from Nicolette

My Experience with Shelter from the Storm was unexpectedly great! I never thought that being homeless we could have such a welcome from the overall team, particularly when one was so down and disappointed about the outcome of housing issues.

Let’s start with the most obvious! Food at the shelter is a delicious meal and a delicious breakfast. Even on Sunday, ordering a breakfast (on Sundays full English Breakfast) is like in a restaurant.

Hygiene is very good, as when we arrive in the evening we get a clean place with roses on the tables to chill from the long day spent out.

Communication is always jovial with the team which we pass on to each other among the homeless. Homelessness is not what any of us expected and we respected each other’s privacy even sometimes when it’s difficult to do. If in the future I became rich, I would myself give to Shelter from the Storm, because I could see for myself where my money would go and just what a good charity group can achieve!

Best to all